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How To Get The Most Out Of Your VDR

Effectively implementing a secure virtual data room for your company deals can be and intimidating process, from finding the right provider to ensuring that the data room pricing is reasonable for the features you will be getting. It is important to go into this process understanding exactly what it is you need your data room software to do—whether that be M&A, litigation, or fundraising—and learn how exactly your VDR can accomplish it for you by taking an active role in testing out the platform before committing to it. Below are a few techniques to consider while in the process of searching for a virtual data room and how they can help you make the most of the software during arduous deals and transactions.


  • Liaise with the client support team. They are your best way of learning how the software operates, the specific features the provider offers, and how to run a transaction smoothly if certain issues were to occur throughout the process.  


  • Learn how to use all the permission settings and features that give you the utmost control over your documents. The last thing you want is unauthorized access to confidential information and a VDR is built to prevent exactly that from happening.


  • Use the platform to stay in communication with other parties instead of relying on email. A VDR is much more organized and will keep track of any questions and answers sent to other users during the duration of the deal for easy reference.


  • Use audit and reporting features to always stay aware of what is happening within the data room, who is viewing what documents, and for how long. This will give you an idea if your data is garnering interest from buyers or investors and will allow you to strengthen your permission settings to avoid any hacks or leaks by unwanted third parties.


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