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Virtual Data Rooms Reviewed 2018

As global deal making reaches dizzying heights, technology startups and financial services businesses are looking to elbow out some room in the merger technology sphere. This resource is here to help you navigate the sphere by comparing some of the top virtual data room offerings out there.

Virtual Data Rooms Reviews


How To Choose The Right Virtual Data Room Provider

Virtual data rooms are arguably the most important technology used during mergers and acquisitions, since they are the primary means by which buyers, sellers, and their advisers exchange critical documents. Whether it’s for due diligence, or anything else between finding a buyer and closing, a virtual data room keeps documents secure and organized. This lets deals move more quickly, and prevents data breaches and oversights that can lead to legislation down the line.

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  • Amgen v. Mylan Patent Infringement Complaint Highlights Importance of Virtual Data Rooms

    Amgen, one of the world’s leading biotechnology companies, recently filed a complaint for patent infringement under the Biologics Price Competition and Innovation Act (BPCIA) against Mylan. According to Big Molecule Watch, the litigation claims that “certain actions by Mylan during the patent dance exchanges prejudiced Amgen and/or violated the BPCIA.” Amgen alleges that Mylan “materially […]

  • How to close quicker by pre-planning a Virtual Data Room

    Removing logistical dealmaking hurdles lessens opportunities for excitement to calm. The result: more deals reach closing. A Virtual Data Room (VDR) brings speed and efficiency to the world of M&A transactions and private equity deals by enabling a secure cloud-based location for documents. A VDR provider offers a safe and regulated virtual environment where all parties can […]

  • The importance of reading an SLA Cloud Storage data breaches

    Service Level Agreement (SLA) refers to a document that outlines the level of service that a customer should get from a service provider, the terms and conditions of the delivery of the services, the advantages in the measurement of the services and penalties if any should an agreed upon service level not be achieved. SLAs […]

  • Top 5 Cloud Storage Security Concerns

    In recent times, hackers have made various efforts into tarnishing and thwarting the safety with cloud storage and its potential for commercial use. As a result, though to some extent being new to computing technology, it has gone under the microscope with a lot of criticisms following thereafter. Understandably, users want to be assured that […]

  • Can an A.I. Robot perform Due Diligence better than your Lawyer?

    Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) is rapidly impacting and altering the professions around us, whether for better or for worse. In some instances, AI is completely replacing the work traditionally performed by flesh-and-bone employees. Some of the most significant, and perhaps unexpected, industries that are affected are the legal and financial industries. Let’s take a closer look […]

  • Crime in the Cloud – The largest cloud data breaches

    Over the past year, the world has been subjected to some of the worst cyber crimes ever committed.  Birth dates, photos, social insurance numbers, financial information, medical records and even fingerprints, all thought to be securely stored in the cloud have been unlawfully accessed and shared. The latest cyber-attack on Hong Kong toy manufacturer VTech […]