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How To Stay Aware Of Account Breaches Before It’s Too Late

How To Stay Aware Of Account Breaches Before It’s Too Late

Data breaches aren’t always the easiest to catch if you haven’t taken the necessary precautions in securing your documents, such as by storing and sharing them within a secure data room or regularly changing account passwords. It can often be too late when you do catch on to your confidential information being hacked and distributed online without your knowledge, leaving you vulnerable to identity theft and even unauthorized access to financial accounts. The most recent round of data being stolen and sold on the dark web (around 93 million users exposed) has proven that you may not always know when your information is being intercepted or mined while online.

The services said to have been hacked in this latest breach haven’t even admitted that they’ve been targeted, making it even harder to know whether or not your information is secure with your usual providers or if you need to move your accounts elsewhere. Below are a few tactics to keep in mind when it comes to spotting a breach early on and saving you the headache of damage control after the fact.

  • Never ignore notifications of account activity that you are not familiar with. This is the first level of security the services you are partnered with will offer you so that you can take all necessary measures to secure your accounts before any vital information is accessed.
  • Keep an eye on the IP addresses using your accounts and make sure to recognize when and where they have been used. This is a digital trail of all the information you need to maintain your accounts’ security, especially if they hold financial or personal information.
  • Become familiar with the security tools of all the social media platforms you are operating on and know how to use them to track activity if you feel suspicious of a hack
  • Always keep an eye on your financial accounts in order to spot any strange activity or unknown purchases that can be nipped in the bud

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