Virtual Data Rooms

An essential technology for the Merger and Acquisitiong deal process

A virtual data room (VDR) is a type of cloud storage platform that is specially designed to meet the complex document sharing needs and heightened security standards of organizations handling confidential information. VDRs are similar in principle to popular consumer-grade services like Dropbox and Google Drive, but they offer industry-grade security and functionality. Virtual data room users include investment banking firms, law firms, businesses, large enterprises, tech startups, real estate and development groups, private equity firms, hedge funds, mining and energy companies, biotech firms, pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, and many more types of organizations with secure document sharing needs.

Virtual data rooms go beyond the functionality of consumer-grade cloud storage by offering a multitude of features that keep documents more secure, that enable secure communication between large numbers of parties, and that make collaboration easier across institutions large and small.

Virtual Data Room Reviews

Virtual Data Rooms Reviewed 2016

As global deal making reaches dizzying heights, technology startups and financial services businesses are looking to elbow out some room in the merger technology sphere. This resource is here to help you navigate the sphere by comparing some of the top virtual data room offerings out there.

How To Choose The Right Virtual Data Room Provider

Virtual data rooms are arguably the most important technology used during mergers and acquisitions, since they are the primary means by which buyers, sellers, and their advisers exchange critical documents. Whether it’s for due diligence, or anything else between finding a buyer and closing, a virtual data room keeps documents secure and organized. This lets deals move more quickly, and prevents data breaches and oversights that can lead to legislation down the line.

Virtual Data Room News

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  • Virtual Data Rooms

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    Exchange of confidential documents via email has become a dangerous endeavor. This is especially true for law firms, investment banks and corporations. Take attorneys as one example. The bar obligates attorneys to protect the information of the clients, and apart from the financial damage the client may suffer, the attorney can be faced with a potential disciplinary measure. […]

  • Top Cyber Security Risks Affecting M&A Deals

    Businesses of all kinds are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Lloyd’s estimated that businesses lose up to $400 billion per year due to data breaches. With the recent growth in mergers and acquisitions activity — 2015 was the biggest year for M&A ever, according to the Wall Street Journal — deal activity is drawing the attention of cyber criminals. Although there was always the risk of deal information leaking, now that documents are shared electronically, the possibility of unauthorized access to documents is greatly increased.