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Is Your Data Ever Truly Secure?

Recently, Facebook came out admitting that certain photographs that their users uploaded but didn’t post were still stored on the site and able to be easily used by third-party developers. This brings forth the question of how secure your data really is when you think nobody has access to it. It has been concluded that other apps also do this, saving the photos as drafts in case a user was interrupted while trying to post it, and has affected the way some view their privacy when using this software.

Here are some tips on how to better protect the confidential data you don’t want getting into the wrong hands:

  • Store it on a secure platform, such as a virtual data room so that you will always know who is accessing it, for how long and for what purpose
  • Ask yourself whether or not you would be comfortable if the pictures you are giving apps access to would affect your personal or professional life if they were to be exposed to others online
  • Consider whether the app you are allowing to access your photos is trustworthy and always read the terms of service beforehand to ensure you understand why certain data is collected and what the company is planning to do with it
  • Sharing photos or documents by email isn’t any safer of an option than sharing via social media—the data can be easily intercepted and insidious phishing scams are prevalent. This is another reason why storing your confidential information with a virtual data room provider is much more effective with regards to the access unwanted third parties can gain to it.
  • Never rely on the security of generic document storage sites to protect your data during professional transactions. Remain accountable to your clients or investors by ensuring that you can manage permission settings effectively for various documents.

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