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How To Switch Virtual Data Room Providers

The hardest part of your M&A deal might seem over with when you find an appropriate virtual data room to help you through the process, however, that might just be half the battle. You can’t really know how effective an electronic data room is until you begin using it during a complex and time-consuming transaction. Some features that your current provider offers might not be working as efficiently as you had hoped for your specific deal, or the overpriced legacy provider you partnered with might have only offered a bloated interface for the higher cost.

There is no point spending anymore of your time with a provider that just isn’t offering what you need to close a deal or to keep your confidential data safe and organized. If you are looking to switch your secure data room to one that is more suited for your needs, below are a few ways to go about the process without wasting a significant amount of time and effort.

  • Figure out from your current contract with the provider what your obligations are with regards to payment. The payment period you have chosen will determine when it is appropriate for you to opt out of your contract and move on.
  • Collect all your data that you plan on moving to a new vendor, either on a hard drive or USB prior to switching providers so that you can easily upload all your documents as soon as you partner with a new one without any delay.
  • Now that you have a clearer understanding of what you need from a provider, select one that offers more of the features and tools suited to your type of deal. Request a demo and free trial to be sure of your selection and to understand how the software works before preparing your virtual data room due diligence.

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