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How to close quicker by pre-planning a Virtual Data Room

Transparency, speed, and unsurpassed value.

Removing logistical dealmaking hurdles lessens opportunities for excitement to calm. The result: more deals reach closing. A Virtual Data Room (VDR) brings speed and efficiency to the world of M&A transactions and private equity deals by enabling a secure cloud-based location for documents. A VDR provider offers a safe and regulated virtual environment where all parties can access digitized files required in the dealmaking process. Companies use this hub for high-level information exchange throughout the entire dealmaking process.

Three key advantages of a VDR: transparency, speed, and unsurpassed value.


A watchful eye fosters ethical behavior.

Transparency reveals accessed documents, by whom, when and for how long. A record of each action taken enables both parties to verify the behavior. These audit trails create an open and honest environment.

Seller’s enter into discussions with potential buyers with complete certainty that critical documents will remain locked until the seller permits access. Files are kept safe, and the ability to print or download information is easily monitored and controlled.


No matter the deal, time is of the essence.

Without a Virtual Data Room, users spend copious amounts of time tediously downloading data onto external hard drives, then expending time and expense to ship the hardware safely to all parties involved in the deal.

Launching a VDR is performed almost immediately. Nearly all critical documents exist in a digital format. Those that aren’t can be scanned and uploaded to a VDR with ease.

Additional late-stage physical documents may need to be delivered by courier; with a VDR they can simply be scanned and uploaded.


The value of a Virtual Data Room is substantial.

Gillian Stacey, a partner and chair of the technology committee at Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP, remarks “It can be absolute pandemonium on your closing day keeping track of emails flying back and forth.” A limitless, central arena such as a Virtual Data Room prevents this.

Providers commit more than just a virtual space. With the right provider dealmakers benefit with:  

  • Secure SSL data encryption
  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • Multiple security levels
  • Digital watermarking on all documents
  • Audio/video capability
  • Email alerts

Business moves fast. Technology moves faster. With VDR solutions the race will tighten.