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How are Major Companies Investing in Cloud Computing Today?

Great number of major companies announced huge investments in cloud-based services recently. This way they are not only staying ahead of the pack and trying to find a way to dominate the market. They’re also thinking about a complete switch in tides when it comes to their corporate objectives.


Since the cloud services and infrastructure market is growing at a rapid pace, this means it has been a lost opportunity for Google until now.

Cloud services are more secure than before and they finally have the ability to save companies some money while staying up to date with all the innovations in the tech world thus increasing business efficiency and productivity.

Even though the company is behind the tremendous success of Amazon and Microsoft, it has tremendous expertise in computing infrastructure and security – the highest priority for most companies using the cloud.

Last year Google hired Diane Greene, Silicon Valley legend and one of Vmware founders, to run its enterprise operation, which is a major statement of intent.

Google mentioned considering the cloud as one of the most important investment areas in 2016, focusing on broadening the feature set of its cloud products. The company is headed in a different direction when cloud computing comes in question.

Direction that involves helping customers analyze their data.


Intel recently fired more than 12 thousand workers, which was around 11% of their total workforce at the time.

The reason why one of the biggest PC hardware producers in the world decided to sacrifice one tenth of its employees was the cloud.

Intel is now officially focusing on cloud related hardware that will be used for the creation of cloud data centers and as a support for the Internet of Things.

The question is what this new cloud orientated focus will look like, and what are the exact changes that need to be made, so the  company can meet the new goals.

Intel recently announced a wide range of new investments, technology and industry collaborations aimed at promoting agile and scalable clouds, so companies can provide new services faster and boost revenue growth.

Solid state drives, new processors and a wide range of industry collaborations help businesses deliver new services previously found only with the most advanced public clouds.


Amazon’s profits are increasingly dictated by cloud computing, and so are its investments. The company has unleashed a torrent of capital spending to build the infrastructure that handles cloud technology.

That was in part to set up new data centers worldwide, and also to meet stronger demand among existing customers in areas serviced by the company.

Amazon is spending billions of dollars in acquiring or leasing data centers that support cloud and hiring thousands of engineers operating this new technology. In its annual report Amazon acknowledged how infrastructure related to cloud computing has been a primary drive of spending in this segment.


Microsoft grasped the size of the opportunity in the business of cloud computing later than Amazon and has tried to make up for their lost time since then.

Microsoft is no longer simply a software company. It is instead growing into a platform company for the mobile-first and cloud-first world.

The company focused towards the built of a cloud computing empire and it’s quite natural they’re investing so much money, time and effort into the whole project.

They’ll use the power of their cloud to support their own products like Office 365 and improve their Azure offer of PaaS and IaaS solutions.

These companies are the industry heavy hitters and it seems like they’ve all recognized the potential of the cloud. The next couple of years will show whether this is the “gold rush” of our century, which will affect the global economy market in big deal.